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Each Mystery Bundle will include your chosen size, in a various amount of shapes/sizes, that equal the ounces you chose. Sizes will range from itty bitty, chunky and mega tarts, to cups and clamshells. No mini or full loafs will be offered during mystery bundles. 

Bakery will be things such as: Birthday cake, snickerdoodle, banana split, etc

Fruity will be things such as: cherry slushee, dragon fruit poptail, hood rat things, etc

Various will be a true mix of EVERYTHING. 

During mystery sales, notes cannot be accommodated.

 Are you new to LLWC? Not really sure how things work? Let me help! 

Once a month, we have a MAJOR restock, we do have mini restocks during the month, that are less intense. Restocks are ALWAYS on Friday's at 7PM Central time, unless otherwise noted. 

During restock nights ONLY, you can place multiple orders (most people do this, so that they don't have things taken out of their cart -- this happens when someone else has it in their cart, and checks out before you do) and we will combine your shipping. 

If your shipping overage, is LESS than $5, you will be sent extras in your order. If your overage is MORE than $5 you will be given a refund. There is a box you MUST check at checkout stating you understand this. 

If you are looking for a scent that you don't see, or something you want to have a custom order made into, Feel free to send an email! 

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