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Happiest Place on Earth Wax Melts


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In a collaboration with Love Yourself Bath Company, LLWC is thrilled to bring you the Happiest Place on Earth scents! Each scent will transport you to that theme park we all know and love! LLWC is offering each scent in limited 2 oz. cups for the collaboration in the following magical scents:

Walk with Olaf: Snow ozone with a backdrop of spicy juniper and the richness of the forest woods

Ursula: Fresh, mystical creation of the sea with hints of fresh air and seagrass

Froggy Snacks: Named for everyone’s favorite Star Wars baby, it's just like a candy store at the happiest place on earth!

LYBC Bath Potion: LYBC’s own unique playful blend; very fruity and effervescent

Villains: Just like our favorite villains, this scent is intoxicating. A buttery, spicy, just barely there fruity scent

Pineapple Fluff: Super sweet and tart, fresh cut pineapple blended with sweet delicious soft serve vanilla ice cream a delightful combination when you are having fun in the sun!

Lights of Passage: This scent will take you back to the Lights of Passage ride experience. Coastal fresh with hints of salty air, citrus, honeydew, and a bit of violet...  it is extraordinary